The Molly's Music Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation with one simple but ambitious mission: provide a musical education to every child who wants it.

Music as we all know is its own reward—an end in itself. Very few meaningful events in our lives commence without music, and many events are made more memorable because of it. We believe musical education is a birthright, and although musical education is a low priority for most state budgets, it isn’t a low priority for parents, students or educators. Everyone who works with children, including the children, wants music education. Almost no one is on the other side of the issue. The Molly's Music Foundation is a service designed to help the people most invested in our educational system provide musical instruction.


C. Travis Webb, Executive Director

Molly Webb, Music Director

Anne LaBella , Program Coordinator

Sarah Rohrer , Grant Writer

Eric Lee, Marketing Director