Like everything else you learn how to do, there’s learning to do the thing, and then there’s learning to appreciate the thing done. While our voice and instrument programs are designed to help your child “learn to do,” our musical education program is designed to help your child “learn to appreciate” music. Whether it’s learning old American folk songs in a Glee group, encountering the pentatonic scale in Chinese music for the first time, or clapping along to the dominant rhythms of Sub-Saharan African music, we take your child’s musical education seriously so they don’t have to. While we do our best to make our instrument lessons fun, there are limits. Learning how to do something isn’t always fun; sometimes it’s just work—think of how many scraped knees your son or daughter turned up when they were learning how to walk. Learning to appreciate something, though, now that is fun. Given the time and opportunity, your child’s natural curiosity takes over. In this environment, learning is fun, and the work is almost invisible.

Some Education Classes We Offer:

  • Intro to Music: We’ll use current popular music in order to introduce basic music theory concepts, including rhythm, melody, harmony, and dynamics.
  • Music through the Decades: a journey through the changing musical styles between 1940 and now.
  • Music Across the Globe: A voyage through an array of musical cultures, from African rhythms to Irish jigs.
  • Music Across the Genres: An exploration of different musical genres, from classical, to jazz, to rock n’ roll.
  • Garage Band Recording: An exciting music technology class that allows students’ creativity to flow as they create their own recording projects on Garage Band.
  • World Music: Individual courses focused on specific musical styles, including Contemporary American, African Rhythm, Classical, Standards, National Anthems of the World, Korean Pop, and Traditional American Folk.