Oakridge is our foundation's flagship school. It will always be important to us, because it’s the first school we began working with back in 2013. Our foundation runs Oakridge’s entire in-school and after-school music program, offering classes in ukulele, piano, singing, and violin.



Grades Pre-K-2nd

Piano 1: Come join our once-a-week small group piano instruction, as young beginners learn the foundations of piano, including note reading!

Piano 2/3: Continue along the exciting path of learning the piano, where we expand upon the previous year and learn even more about the piano! Piano I must have been completed, or an audition must be done to qualify for this class.

Where: Music Room
When: Piano 1—Wednesdays 3:20-4:05
                   Piano 2—Fridays 3:20-405


Grades 2nd-8th
Let your songbirds socialize, harmonize, and perform a range of current songs in this musical group, inspired by the hit ABC show Glee.
Where: Room 13
When: Tuesdays 3:20-4:05

To register, contact our music coordinator at tel: (714) 747-6966, or email mailto: info@mollysmusicfoundation.org